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Onsite Assessment

We’re committed to safety.

Our Risk and Safety experts are local professionals, with diverse experiences and certifications. We offer a wide array of complimentary educational services and safety materials specific to your industry. These resources are available to you regardless of the size and scope of your operations.

Schedule an Onsite Risk Assessment

Our risk and safety consultants have expertise in various industries and can help complement your existing risk management program at no additional cost. Schedule a consultation with one of our Risk and Safety consultants to help you evaluate potential exposures and develop an action plan for risk containment.

Schedule a WCA Safety Inspection

The Workers’ Compensation Administration (WCA) of New Mexico requires an annual safety inspection for businesses with insurance premiums over $15,000. Our risk and safety consultants can help you with the inspection. If you’d like a WCA safety inspection through New Mexico Mutual, please complete the request form below.