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Policy Corner

Your personal action center for tasks and documents related to your policy.

Policy Corner is a secure portal to manage your policy, access important resources and view documents.


File a Claim

Early reporting is the best way to ensure a swift and economical recovery for your injured worker. The claims you report through this portal get transmitted instantly to our adjusters.

Submit a Premium Report

Enter current payroll data and view details for prior premium report submissions for your policy.


Policy Documents

View your policy packet and all other important documents related to your policy.


Billing Statements

View all statements related to your policy, and payments received since the last invoice.



View a summary of your current account status and a history of recent transactions, up to two years.


Claims Information/Loss Runs

View a report of losses for all your policy periods.


Pay My Bill

Our secure system lets you set up recurring or one-time payments. You can also pay your bill through our automated phone system by calling 866-285-2979.

Access safety resources.