New Mexico Mutual

Policy Corner

The Policy Corner is an area that provides access to more detailed policy information for Policy Holders.

Policy Documents

The Policy Documents area is a section where you can download up to five years worth of policy documents. This includes the policy summary, as well as any notices of cancellation or reinstatement.


The Transactions area is a section where you view up to two years worth of transactions relating to your account. This includes any payments received since the last invoice.


The Statements area is a section where you can download the last twelve months of statements in PDF format. It also displays any payments that have been received since the last invoice.

Claim Information

The Claim Information area lists details regarding claims associated with your account.

Premium Reports

The Premium Reporting area allows you to submit current payroll data and view details for prior premium report submissions for your policy.



  • Scheduled: All Premium Reports scheduled for the current policy term.
  • In Progress: Your Premium Report is available for submission.
  • Audit Reviewing: Your Premium Report has been successfully submitted and is being reviewed by our Premium Audit Department.
  • Estimated: The Premium Report due date for this period has passed and your premium has been estimated.
  • Completed: Your Premium Report has been approved and submitted to our Billing Department.

*formerly referred to as wage or payroll reports


When you submit your premium report online you will notice the status change to “Audit Reviewing.” Our new system allows the Premium Audit department to review your submission prior to completing the transaction. If you click on the “Pay” button a balance due of $0 will appear, as your online premium report transaction has not yet been posted to our billing system. You can still pay your premium report online – before you click the “Submit” button, take note of your premium due amount. Then, select “Pay” and you will be directed to our payment options. On the payment screen, enter the premium due amount you noted prior to submitting the premium report.

If you wish to pay later, you may wait until the premium report you submitted appears on your next monthly Billing statement.


You will be unable to submit a premium report after the due date and will see a status of “Estimated.” After the due date, the payroll exposures for the reporting period will be estimated and you will receive an Approved Premium Report reflecting your premium due. To have the Estimated report revised, you will need to submit a copy of the late premium report to New Mexico Mutual at for review by the Premium Audit department.


New Mexico Mutual and all workers’ compensation carriers are required by federal law to charge a terrorism premium. For several years now, this premium charge has been included on our coverage quotes and final audit. With the implementation of our new system, we made the decision to show this charge as a separate line item. This allows our policyholders to see the exact amount of the charge and how it is calculated.


With our new policy system you may have noticed changes to your combined modifier. Your combined modifier is calculated based on the payroll you report to us each month. For most policyholders the reported payroll differs each reporting period. Our system takes your newly reported payroll data, combined with your previously reported payroll, and derives a new combined modifier. Instead of having the same combined modifier for the entire policy period, which was adjusted after policy expiration at final audit, we now provide you with a more timely and accurate combined modifier. A timely combined modifier may minimize premium changes at final audit. In most cases, the changes for the reporting period are minimal.


Our new Approved Premium Report document is sent to you as a “confirmation” of the information submitted to us. Once your reported payroll is entered into our system, this new document is created and mailed to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

New Mexico Mutual
Premium Audit Department
PO Box 27825
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125-7825
Phone: (505) 343-2825
Fax: (505) 348-9825