The best accident is the one that never occurs.

On-the-job accidents take a devastating toll on workers and the businesses that employ them. In the worst cases, lives can be changed in an instant—and businesses buried in debt. The good news is that every accident is preventable. New Mexico Mutual has a wealth of tools and services to make your workplace safer—and they’re free of charge to policyholders.

From consultations to training, we have what you need.

If you have safety-related questions of any kind, give our team of certified Safety & Risk consultants a call. Team members can arrange onsite safety assessments to help you evaluate risks and develop a plan for containment. They can also schedule in-person employee trainings on safety topics. Or provide custom reporting on your workers’ compensation claims history to identify problems and trends.

Visit the Safe Driving Tools page to learn about ways to help prevent fleet accidents. Or browse our Safety Video Library to access videos on common safety issues you’re likely to confront.

New Mexico Mutual Safety Star Program

Congratulations to this year’s winners. Keep up the good work!

With their strong safety and health programs, these businesses are doing what it takes to keep their employees out of
harm’s way. New Mexico Mutual conducted year-end reviews of all nominees’ safety programs and performance records.
These evaluations revealed outstanding efforts by our winners to prevent accidents at their workplaces.