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New Mexico Mutual continuously looks for innovative and effective solutions to improve safety in the workplace and on the road. That’s why we have partnered with companies that offer driver monitoring services for our policyholders.


StriveSafe by Cartasite is a leader in driver safety solutions. StriveSafe gives you 24/7 real-time tracking of vehicles, drivers, and remote workers by using an innovative GPS tracking solution that reduces on-road risks, increases fleet efficiency and reduces costs.

Our current policyholders* qualify for 50% off monthly monitoring services. Policyholders with select Oil & Gas and Trucking governing class codes get up to 75% off monthly monitoring services.

*This program offering is only available to current New Mexico Mutual policyholders and is not applicable to Assigned Risk policies.

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To assist businesses in monitoring employee driving records New Mexico Mutual offers SambaSafety DriverMonitor, a free driver record monitoring service for policyholders*. This service notifies business owners of any new driving violations, convictions, license suspensions, cancellations or revocations as well as upcoming license renewal dates. The ultimate benefit is that driver record monitoring impacts driver behavior. When employees know their driver records are being monitored, they are more conscientious and become safer drivers – benefiting their organizations and their communities.

*This free service is only available to current New Mexico Mutual policyholders and is not available for Assigned Risk policyholders.

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