June 17, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Presented by Linda Atkinson, Executive Director of the DWI Resource Center, Inc.

Questions? Contact Sara Martinez at (505) 343-7791 or saram@newmexicomutual.com 

As an employer, does medical marijuana cause you concern? What about prescription drug abuse? And then there is alcohol misuse and motor vehicle crashes. Are your substance abuse policies current? Drug and alcohol issues have a huge impact on safety, workplace productivity and employee turnover. Having a policy that addresses current substance abuse becomes more challenging, ignoring it can create many issues affecting your bottom line, increasing your liability and workers’ compensation rates. The businesses most often affected are small to mid-sized companies, according to the Department of Labor. This workshop is specifically designed to guide supervisory personnel and provide training on the following:

  • Substance abuse policies, addressing medical marijuana and prescription abuse
  • OSHA rule (Anti-Retaliatory) on post-accident testing
  • The most current information on medical marijuana in the workplace
  • The signs and symptoms of probable drug use and/or alcohol misuse
  • How to approach an employee you suspect of being impaired
  • When to test and when NOT to test, and how to conduct testing
  • How company wellness programs can help curb substance abuse issues.

This course will be virutal. A link will be provided to you 2 business days prior the class date.

Please note all safety workshops are free to current New Mexico Mutual policyholders.

This class is currently closed. Please check back regularly for our next training.