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File a Claim

We recommend filing your claim online immediately. However, you can choose one of four ways to file your claim.

Filing a claim online is easy with New Mexico Mutual. To register you will need to have your policy number and your company’s FEIN. Enter that information and user name and password will be provided to you. If you have already registered since July of 2011, you can use that log in information.

File A Claim

  1. Log in.
  2. Enter contact information, including e-mail address.
  3. Enter date of loss (Need actual date of accident to align with the appropriate policy-may be different than current policy number).
  4. Select the appropriate policy.
  5. Enter injured worker information.
  6. Enter accident information.
  7. Enter emergency healthcare information.
  8. Answer all required fields.
  9. Click “Finish”.

You will receive a claim number, assigned adjuster name and telephone contact information upon completing this form.

Call us – 800-788-8851

Fax us – 505-345-0656

Mail us – PO Box 27810 • Albuquerque, NM 87125

Important Information You Need To Be Aware Of

Assess Medical Needs – Injuries that require emergency room care and/or hospitalization should be dealt with quickly and appropriately. Workers with less severe injuries should be directed to an authorized medical provider. A list of providers is available on our site at ‘Locate a Health Care Provider’.

Get the Facts – Find out everything you can about the accident as soon as possible and create a file. Determine the cause of the accident by talking to witnesses that saw what happened. If you believe the accident is questionable, please explain why.

Preserve the Evidence – Photographs and witness names and statements you obtain can be helpful in our adjuster’s investigation of the claim. If faulty machinery or equipment is involved, DO NOT throw it away; we may want to have it examined or tested.

Should you have any questions about this form, or have any problems registering or submitting a claim please contact the Claims Department at 505-345-7260 or 1-800-788-8851.

Fraud Warning

Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for payment of a loss or benefit or knowingly presents false information in an application for insurance is guilty of a crime and may be subject to civil fines and criminal penalties.

This form is not an admission or denial by the employer as to whether the worker’s alleged injury or illness is compensable, and must be completed by the employer or the employer’s representative.

When to File

This form must be filed within 10 days of knowledge of any alleged work-related injury or illness that results in more than 7 days of lost work. It must be filed even if the employer disputes the worker’s claim of work-related injury or illness.


Each instance of failure to file this form when required is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00.


Call us: (505) 345-7260
Fax us: (505) 345-0656
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